Due to the pandemic, Galoop has modified its morning program to ensure as best as possible the safety of our families as well as to provide choices to families that suit their needs.  

We have broken our normal Fall session into smaller sessions. Our first runs for 8 weeks Sept 8 – Oct 30 (fully booked). Our second session runs for 6 weeks Nov 2 – Dec 11.

There are two options for our Fall Session II (Nov 2 – Dec 11):

M/W/F:  Outdoor Program (ages 9m – 3.5y).  Limited to 12 families per time slot.

Two outdoor time slots offered:

  • 8:45-10:30
  • 10:30-12:15

In addition, 1/2 hour time slots indoors will be available every other morning you attend!

Galoop will meet outdoors any day that it is not raining.  Expect a fantastic morning program with loads of age-appropriate materials, themes, and sensory experiences, along with circle time with Cecilia.  On rainy days, 1/2 of the group (6 families) will have the option of going indoors, and 1/2 of the group will have the option of following our virtual curriculum from home.  We will switch which group may go indoors from one rainy day to the next.  Hopefully we won’t have many!  Please CLICK HERE for a list of our policies — cleaning, social distancing, masks, and otherwise — for this in-person session.  

Tuition for Fall Session II is $684 (6 weeks), in addition to $100 COVID surcharge. 

Our M/W/F in person outdoor program Session I was fully booked – register now to find a spot!  Please note that all fees are strictly non-transferable and non-refundable.  Should COVID or other extenuating circumstances require us to cease in-person sessions, we will transition to virtual learning; fees are not refundable in those circumstances.  


Tu/Thur.  Virtual program (ages 1-4)Limited to 16 families.

We have broken our normal Fall session into smaller sessions. Our first runs for 8 weeks Sept 8 – Oct 30. Our second session runs for 6 weeks Nov 2 – Dec 11.

Galoop’s virtual program is designed for ages 1-4.  Our main goal is to help you provide routine and consistency to your young children while enjoying a great curriculum for home.  Examples of activities are leaf printing, farm animal rescue, magic milk, pom-pom apple trees, Halloween sensory play, and more! 

Our remote learning, play, and circle-time curriculum includes:

  • A box of materials for each family to use over the course of the virtual session (available to be picked up at Galoop — outdoors — only).
  • A curriculum for the week that includes crafts, sensory play, and outdoor activities; there will be many short video clips guiding you through it all!
  • A weekly discussion topic for parents and caregivers.
  • An interactive bilingual Spanish/English circle-time via Zoom with Cecilia.
  • Private parenting check-in sessions with Cecilia via phone or FaceTime to address any questions you may have.

Here is our suggested daily schedule (you can modify as needed: e.g. feel free to go outside early in the morning and save the activities for after circle time or after nap!):

  • 9:00-10:00: Arts/crafts and sensory play (materials and video guidance provided)
  • 10:00-10:30: Clean up time and snack (Cecilia will be live on Zoom for questions and to interact with your children beginning at 10:15)
  • 10:30-11:00: Live Spanish/English circle-time with Cecilia via Zoom on T/Th (recorded versions available anytime!)
  • 11:00-11:30: Outdoor activity (written guidance provided)

Here is what parents are saying about our virtual program: “My daughter Matilda has been attending Galoop for the past couple of years and the transition to virtual Galoop has been seamless. Keeping the same routine and consistency has been key, and my daughter asks to see Cecilia every day. She dances to all of the songs, loves “parachute” play (we use a blanket!), and looks forward to story time at the end. I love that my daughter gets to see her friends and their caregivers everyday. We also engage in experiential learning at our own time doing projects that Cecilia has carefully put together every week. These projects allow for creativity and motor skill development. As a specialist in child development, Cecilia is a great resource for parents as well, and we truly appreciate her recommendations to keep our daughter healthy and happy during these trying times” – Carolina

Tuition for Fall Session II is $568 (6 weeks).  We expect this session to fill up!  Please note that all fees are strictly non-transferable and non-refundable.

Galoop’s Morning Program

Our morning program is led daily by our director, Cecilia Matson, and is the perfect place for children aged 6 months to 3.5 years to develop and grow before they head off for formal, “drop off” preschools.

Modeled on preschool setting, but with the nurture that comes from a caregiver present at all times, our morning curriculum is designed with the latest research in childhood development in mind.  The emphasis is on free play and exploration.  Our many stations — from arts and crafts to kitchen play to reading nooks to imaginative dress up — allow children the opportunity to develop their sense of agency and independence.  And every morning we offer sensory table play, arts and crafts, song and story circletime, and outdoor play at our exploratory playground.

We firmly believe (and research shows) that routine is key for young children’s development.  Adults may crave different stimuli and new places and people.  Children do not. The familiarity of the space, the teachers, and the families is a critical part of our philosophy and approach, and what makes Galoop a unique and nurturing community.  Gone is the need to cart around kids to different music or art or storytime classes, all in different locations with different and unfamiliar people.  

And it’s amazing for caregivers as well.  Real friendships are forged.  And throughout the morning, caregivers benefit from Cecilia’s expert parenting advice as she focuses on a weekly parenting topic–and is always there for questions.

Our “normal” morning program will re-open Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 12:00 when current pandemic ends.  One of its benefits is that families are free to come and go to best suit their child’s schedule — no more rushing to make a 45 minute class! 

Please email with any questions.