Our Favorite Parks & Playgrounds Near Chestnut Hill

Beautiful summer days filled with sunshine feel like they were made for a leisurely walk with the stroller. The opportunity to play outside daily is inarguably one of the best parts of summer, whether your go-to pick is to enjoy a park, a playground or a pool. 

While we love sticking with daily and weekly routines, and believe in the positive benefits for toddlers that come from that familiarity and expectation, we also understand that sometimes you may want to try a new destination for your daily summer stroll. At Galoop, we have a beautiful playground right outside that we play on every day during our morning program and summer camp (weather permitting!), and families can stay and play on it afterwards for as long as they want. But for the days that you’re not at Galoop and you may want to visit another place to play, there are many wonderful options for toddlers and small children in the Boston area. We put together our top picks for great local playgrounds that are worth adding to your routine this summer.

Soule Playground: Located at 652 Hammond Street in Chestnut Hill, this playground is one of the closest to Galoop and also one of our favorites. It has a wonderful splash pad that kids love, along with a fun playground perfect for toddlers. All this, plus access to public restrooms, which we all know can make or break an outdoor experience!

Corey Hill Park: Perched at the top of the hill on Summit Avenue in Brookline, it can be a bit of a hike to get to this park, but that’s part of the fun of it! What we like about this park is the natural wood play houses and stone-look structures that kids love to climb on. It’s also a great spot for a picnic, so bring some food and stay for lunch. 

Pellegrini Playground: Found at 11 Hawthorne Street in Newton, this one also has a splash pad and playground great for toddlers and young kids. It also has public restrooms and it’s own parking lot which is perfect if this is out of walking distance for you and you want to take a car. 

Billy Ward Playground: Tucked away at 133 Brook Street in Brookline, this small park is on the list because of the fun train play structure that toddlers love! It also has a large sand pit and new, fun structures that are a little different than your everyday playground and lend hours of fun. There are also sprinklers to run through on a hot day.

Larz Anderson Park: Nestled between Goddard Ave & Newton St. in Brookline, Larz Anderson Park is the largest park in Brookline. It has parking and, among many other things, a great shaded playground for toddlers to play on. It also has trails leading around a pond, perfect for an afternoon walk.

Waldstein Park: Found at 1 Strathmore Rd in Brookline, this spot has a great playground with a splash pad right next to it. It also has tennis courts and sports fields that can be fun to watch if you’re there at the right time. Public restrooms on the premises are also a plus.

Hammond Pond Reservation: Winding along Hammond Pond Parkway in Chestnut Hill, this one is not a playground but is a great spot for outdoor play in the summer. It’s a protected woodland, and is filled with trails to explore and natural outcrops to play among. Just remember to bring your bug spray!

All of these spaces are great places to spend the day in the summer near Chestnut Hill. They offer chances to play and learn, lots of fun, and opportunities to socialize with other kids (and parents) in an outdoor setting! Let us know if you try to them all, or if you have other places that you love and recommend.