Our Space

Galoop is located in a beautiful space in Chestnut Hill.  The interior is made up of three sunlit rooms, each with imaginative and kid-friendly murals.

The Kangaroo Room

This room contains our arts and craft space: two long arts and crafts tables, three kid-sized easels, and our wonderful sensory table. Galoop’s curriculum is themed by season and each week features a different focus. As an example, one week this winter the theme was “winter small world” with a creative “arctic habitat” at our sensory table, penguinmaking and watercolor ice painting at our arts/crafts tables, and “winter scenes” at our easels.

The Koala Room

This room contains one of our two cozy reading nooks; a building space containing various blocks and building material; a table with manipulables and puzzles; and our train table and ever-popular kitchen and marketplace. It’s also where circle time takes place daily in the morning and where our yoga and music classes take place in the afternoon. Our building materials, manipulables, and puzzles change daily.

The Jungle Room

This room hosts materials to help kids engage their gross motor skills and imaginative play. There’s a bridge kids love; a mat with tumbling blocks; and some fun spinning chairs and bouncy cows. There’s also a role-playing/dress-up area; a doll space; and another cozy reading nook that doubles as a baby nook.

Our Outdoor “Classroom”

Our outdoor space isn’t just a playground. It’s a place for kids to learn about nature and expand their creativity and imagination. We have a playhouse where the kids love to cook “mushroom soup”; a balancing “centipede”; a play structure; a sandbox with unique desert sand (healthier for kids than normal sand); an outdoor sensory table; and outdoor chalkboards. This Spring we are adding an amazing cascading water table. We believe the outdoor space shouldn’t play second fiddle to the indoors, which is why we’ve given thought and care into what we have here.

A Word on Cleanliness….

For those of you who have experienced the downsides of indoor spaces for children – rest assured.  We take great care to ensure our space is CLEAN and orderly.  We vacuum every day; deep clean a minimum of twice a week; and have a “tasted toys” bin (sterilized daily) for any toys that get “tasted” by a little one.  We also have policies to keep everyone healthy!