Summer Camp at Galoop


The long, lazy days of summer are upon us, but as every mom knows, we can’t expect to just sit back and relax by the pool with a good book all day. Not when we have toddlers and small children who need constant supervision, entertainment, or stimulation from sunup to sundown! What you need is something to help fill the day and pass the time, where your child will have fun, learn new things, and have a chance to socialize with other kids their age. Somewhere to go that is still relaxing and stress-free, where the activities are pre-planned (and not by you!) and the toys are novel and exciting. Where you can still spend the whole day packed with quality time with your munchkin, but not have to keep the fun going entirely on your own.

That’s where Galoop’s Summer Camp comes in! The Summer Camp at Galoop in Chestnut Hill is not your average camp experience– geared toward kids aged 9 months to 5 years old, it’s not a drop off program, but rather a camp for caregivers and kids to attend together. This type of camp gives structure to the days and weeks of summer by providing a place to go every morning for a whole week in a row, where your child can experience the routine and excitement of summer camp, and stimulation of other children, paired with the comfort of having you (or another caregiver) close.

Each week of Summer Camp is themed, so the daily activities revolve around a certain topic that facilitates learning something new, exciting and different. Families can sign up for just one week, or come for two, three or all four, and have a different experience every week. Camp runs through the month of July, from July 1st through July 26th. Themes for week 1-4 are Exploring Nature, Dinosaurs, Under the Sea, and Outer Space. (Find more details and info on each week, and register for Summer Camp here!)

Perhaps the best part about Summer Camp at Galoop for busy parents is that as with all our morning programs, it runs from 9AM -12PM, but families are free to come and go to suit their schedule. No need to stress in the morning on those days that your child takes twice as long to get out of the house, and no need to regret having to leave early if grandparents come into town one afternoon and you want to meet up before noon! Each day, attendees can join the group wherever it is in the schedule when they arrive, and families are also welcome to stay and play on the playground outside after 12 for as long as they’d like. The whole idea is to have fun and for everyone to relax– that includes both you and your child!

Find our daily schedule for Summer Camp here!